Sound out your Voice!


YOUR core rhythm

brings out the real YOU!

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It Can Be for You!

Invite RhythmVoice to your next

      Wellness group

      Team building event

       Fundraising event     

       Church group

       Employee Self-Care Meeting

       Community Events

For all ages


Healthy Alternatives

Drumming Just Might     

         Create Connection

            Help you Relax ... yes, it is possible!

               Get your cells movin' and groovin'!

                   Balance brainwave activity

                      Increase your focus

                          Burn a few calories

                              Add fun to living healthier!




      RhythmVoice Light Painting

       A unique way to co-create photographic art.

      Briefly, this process combines photographic light painting and hand drumming.

      You Make up your Rhythm

      You wear lights (really!)

      I take a picture

      In a nutshell, you could be "drawing with lights" as you drum. Your movement while drumming and being photographed results in a series of still images.

      A co-creative process that capture something of YOU.